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CATCHBOX is a soft, cube-shaped microphone, which is designed to be thrown from one participant to another. It works well for conferences, meetings, workshops and lectures - basically any event where the audience can ask  questions and give feedback. 

Catchbox is great for breaking down barriers and formalities to encourage contribution and make it fun to get involved.


SWIVL is a robotic mount for an Ipad, camera, or smartphone that comes with a remote control. Marker. It is designed to track and, with the video capture abilities of the other device, record. videos of a moving  person. It was designed to capture presentations

A new innovative way for lecture and presentation capture, distance learning, teacher training, and collaboration.


Huddly is a video camera with "brains", It is a perfect convergence of hardware, software and AI to create intelligent cameras for everyone who uses video to collaborate. Huddly brings artificial intelligence into the meeting room delivering a high-quality video conferencing experience.

Huddly works on all video conferencing platform and redefines the video conferencing experience in many ways by delivering high quality video.

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