HUDDLY : Revolutionising Video Conferencing

Huddly combines hardware, software and AI to  create intelligent cameras for everyone who uses video to collaborate.  Huddly brings artificial intelligence into the meeting room with  compact, wide-angle USB conference cameras that deliver a high-quality  video conferencing experience, straight out of the box and on any  platform.

Thanks to an onboard neural engine, Huddly cameras can see, understand and respond to their environment. The Huddly Genius features  intelligently automate manual processes and remove the need to control  the camera, making it easier to collaborate and get things done. With  the Huddly InSights analytics API, Huddly cameras provide organisations  with high-quality meeting room analytics data that, when enabled by  platform providers, can help them make better-informed decisions about  how they use their meeting spaces.

Huddly cameras are flexible, easy-to-use and  software-upgradable. Huddly products stay new with software updates, enhancements and new Genius feature releases.

Huddly is your perfect partner for 

• Face-to-Face Video Conferencing

• Huddle Space

• Meeting Room

• Conference Room

• Collaborative Space

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