CATCHBOX : Designed for 21st Century

A prefect cube, to break the ice

Catchbox is the World’s first Throwable microphone. Using Catchbox instead of a traditional microphone offers several benefits, with the major ones being:

• It is fun and can boost engagement.

• It can support a more relaxed environment, which in turn can assist people to be more 

  comfortable in sharing their insights or questions.

• It is often quicker to throw the microphone around, than wait for it to be walked to another part

  of the room.

Catchbox is a perfect example of how technology can be used to bring fun into any group activity.

Catchbox adds a whole new dimension to group activities such as discussions, debates and other activities. It encourages participation and helps shyer participants come out of their shell.

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Increases Engagement

Develops Communication Skills

Develops Communication Skills


Catchbox ensures every participant is actively think, formulate answers and arguments to help them overcome to fear of formal class interactions.

Develops Communication Skills

Develops Communication Skills

Develops Communication Skills


Catchbox encourages everyone  to actively participate in the discussion and simultaneously, develop targumentation and communication skills. 

Makes events Fun & Active

Develops Communication Skills

Makes events Fun & Active


The playful nature of the colourful Catchbox easily breaks the ice and lightens the mood, The act of throwing and catching also adds dynamism.

Using Catchbox in your classes does not only make your classes interactive, but the whole energy in the room changes. Furthermore, the  Catchbox is an amazing tool for roleplays.” 

Dr. Hannes Leroy 

Rotterdam School of Management